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Tickets and Pricing

The 12 Day Plunge
Tuesday July 25-Aug 4th

All day. All night.


The Revival - A private oasis retreat

The TranscendÂnce -A weekend of workshops and parties

The Integration- A reset and digest before returning to the real world


If you are selecting this option:

Lodging and food is included during 'The Revival' and 'The Integration'. 

This option includes your entry for workshops and parties for all 12 days. 

This does NOT include lodging and food for 'The TranscendÂnce'.


Pricing starting at $1,250

The Revival
Tuesday July 25th-July 27th

A Private Oasis Retreat


  • Intimate Group Private Trainings w Brazilian Professionals

  • Private Dance Training for both Beginners & Int/Adv Dancers

  • Dance Parties

  • Community Living w Co-working Space

  • Family Meals & Camping Options

  • Daily Pool Parties

  • Hiking & BBQ

  • Hot/Cold Therapy

  • Morning Yoga & Meditation

  • Fun & games w/Bonfires & movie nights!

  • Many More Enjoyable Group Activities!



**Full 3 Day/ 2 Night Private Retreat - Starting @ $425

**All prices include sleeping arrangements (communal campout style) & all inclusive meals & drinks based on a $50 per person per night rate.


**Limited spots (20), get tkts ASAP! 

The TranscendÂnce/

Zouk Me Summer Fest

Friday July 28th-July 31st

A Weekend of Workshops and Parties


  • 30+ Professional Zouk Instructors, DJ's & Artists from around the world!

  • 40 Hours of Workshops (zouk, acro yoga, thai massage, authentic movement, and more somatic practices)

  • 25+ Hours of Parties

  • Beginner Bootcamp Progressive Track

  • Int/Adv Immersion Progressive Track

  • Flash Mob Challenge

  • BZDC J&J Competition

  • Ballroom with pristine Dance Flooring

  • Dancing until Sunrise!


Pricing Starting @ $200

The Integration
Monday July 31st-Aug 4th

A Reset and Digest

  • Intimate Group Setting

  • Grounding Activities

  • Sound Baths

  • Authentic Movement

  • Yoga/Meditation

  • Hot/Cold Therapy

  • Community Living w/ co-op Meal Prep

  • Zouk Classes on Tuesday and Friday (at the Church of Zouk)


Full 4 day/night -Pricing Starting @ $625

No single day passes (closed group)


**All prices include sleeping arrangements (communal campout style) & all inclusive meals & drinks based on a $50 per person per night rate.

**Limited spots (20), get tkts ASAP! 

DP Tickets



We are trying something new this year & WAIVING ALL TAXES & FEES! 😇😎


To align with our principles and values of freedom, autonomy & inclusivity we prefer to operate with cash options to maintain its value in the P2P transactional marketplace. We appreciate your patience & understanding and welcome any feedback.


Step 1: *REGISTER*

Verify Order & Purchase of Ticket via DancePlace Portal below

(cash/e-payment option)


Step 2: *PAY*

Your ticket will be emailed to you as *Pending* from *Danceplace Nudge*. You have 48 hrs to pay via any of the options below otherwise your ticket will be voided if payment is not received.


Step 3: *CONFIRM*

Once we receive your payment your "Pending" Ticket will be registered via DancePlace as "Paid"

Payment Options:


CashApp: TDSF2023

**Optional Payment in Cash at any ZoukSF events**


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